Cetus. How to swap and add liquidity in Aptos mainnet

Hello everyone! In this article you will get know, how to use @CetusProtocol easily and with pleasure=)
First of all, you have to get Aptos wallet (Martian, Petra, Pontem, etc) and to top up some Aptos coins.
Then, go to https://app.cetus.zone/, in the upper right corner click buttom “Connect”
Now you can see swap form, where you can change your Aptos to any another currency in chains of LayerZero, Wormhole and Celer.
Select currency what you need and swap some aptos to it. It is very quickly and easy. Now you know, how to swap.
Finishly, you can see tab “Pools”. Click on it, and you can select pair of curencies from list. For example, select pool APT/zUSDC, add some APT or zUSDC, and another pasts automaticly. Click Aprove and Add liquidity, comfirm in your wallet, and thats OK)
Thanks for your attention) you can watch my video format in ukrainian https://youtu.be/P2TQGlk1nPM
#Cetus #Aptos


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